All begginers need to know about manga.

Sunday, December 12, 2004

What should i know about manga? (FAQ)

Who Makes Manga?
People who make manga are called "Manga-ka." Most manga-ka are female, but a few are males.
Is It Rated?
Manga-ka are required to put rating levels on the back of each book. Recently, are also required to put parental advisory warning on the front of each book if the rating is O.T. (Over Teen: 18+) or higher.
Who Reads Manga?
All kinds of people read it. Mostly, though, people in America and Japan read manga. There are a lot of online groups who are dedicated manga readers.
Isn't Manga Just The Book Version Of Anime (Japanese Animation)?
That statement, though used by many people to simplify the definition of manga to others who ask this, is not quite accurate. Just like most movies were books first, most anime was manga first. In the process of making anime out of manga, the characters and plots are usually tweaked. The art styles are often very different.
What Should I Look For If In Selecting A Manga?
You should first decide what category you are most interested in. Make sure you find the plot interesting. A character that seems interesting, like one you can relate to, or one that makes you laugh are good to look for. It’s okay to judge manga by its cover, a lot of the time, because most artists make the covers reflect the story plot, and the characters.


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